Giving You That Confident Smile​

ature knows best and using the best technology available we copy paste natural teeth into veneers or crowns. Our porcelain restorations are full digital and this is why we can control the finest details in tooth morphology using the DSD Lab.

You can enhance your current teeth or even ask us to copy paste a family member’s teeth that you like into your new smile. We also have a library of smiles that you can choose from and test drive, this is unique to DSD Clinics.

Once you have chosen your new smile, we use advanced methods and guides to make sure we don’t remove extra tooth material than needed to give you your confident smile. We scan this digitally, and our DSD Lab in Brazil, who specialises in making one of the best porcelain work in the world, finalises your design and sends us your new smile. Meanwhile you will be wearing your new smile as a temporary veneer or crown. This will give you time to adjust and already enjoy your new smile!

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