We are a cosmetic dental care practice, cosmetic dentistry is not considered as a health service but to give you a more beautiful smile. Teeth whitening and veneers are examples of treatments that are considered as cosmetic dental care.

Just like any treatment even cosmetic dental care can cause complications or damage teeth. This is why in The Netherlands cosmetic dental care is highly monitored and cosmetic dentists work according to the quality regulations for cosmetic dentistry. Our dental office is an approved and safe place to have cosmetic dentistry, meeting all the requirements needed such as:

  • We inform you of alternative treatments to enhance your smile
  • We inform you of the risks involved in the treatment
  • We will show you the end result with a mock up of your smile before doing any treatment in the mouth, we have a checklist for cosmetic dental care and our own practice app to help you stay informed throughout your dental journey.

cosmetic dental costs

You will receive an estimate for your treatment plan based on your cosmetic dental preference. These are not covered by dental insurances in The Netherlands and are subjected to an additional 21% VAT.

Pricing is done using the following codes on your invoice:

  • K0001 Direct Composite Veneers

Composite veneers are placed in your teeth directly in one session based on your approved mock up.

  • K0002 Porcelain Veneers

Porcelain Veneers are made by our DSD Lab based on your approved mock up. This will take multiple sessions.

  • K0003 Teeth whitening
  • K0004 ¬†Incomplete cosmetic care which will be billed based on the complexity of the case and design costs if you wish not to continue with us.

Cosmetic dental care can only be given in a healthy mouth, this is why we will always be doing a health assessment of the teeth before treatment planning. Based on this we might need to do some preliminary dental work prior to placing veneers.

The minimum age to receive cosmetic dental care is 18 years, there is an exception for children born with malformations in front teeth which is disturbing or where orthodontics can not improve the situation further.

Dr. S. Helmi performs the cosmetic treatments at HDC, her passion being transforming smiles, she is an accredited Digital Smile Design Master since 2018.

checklist cosmetic dentistry